About the Nevada Association of County Clerks and Election Officials

The Nevada Association of County Clerks and Election Officials is comprised of County Clerks and Registrars of Voters for any County in the State of Nevada..

The objective of the Association to:

  • Educate, support and promote improvement and professionalism in the administration and operation of the office of County Clerks and Election Officials in the State of Nevada. .
  • Membership Information:

    • There shall be only one voting member from each county at any time, except in the case in which there is an Elected County Clerk and an appointed Registrar of Voters, in which case each official will have a voting member.
    • Any deputy or assistant of a Voting Member may apply for status as an associate member of the Association. Associate members may not serve as officers of the Association and may not vote.
    • Any election official who qualifies as an active member shall automatically become a voting member upon payment of annual dues.
    • The annual dues of the Association shall be $35 and $100 for elected officials, to be paid in January of each year, for membership through the calendar year. On December 1 of each year the Secretary-Treasurer shall send a statement of dues for the following year to each active and associate member.
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